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Courses Conducted at NIPSOM

A continuous process of standard updating is going on in NIPSOM as a health institute in Bangladesh in the field of public health, preventive and social medicine. The Institute offers 8 (eight) courses of Master of Public Health (MPH) and 1 (one) course of M. Phil in Preventive and Social Medicine (PSM).

The Master of Public Health (MPH) courses are-

MPH in Community Medicine (CM)
MPH in Epidemiology (Epid)
MPH in Hospital Management (HM)
MPH in Health Promotion and Health Education (HP & HE)
MPH in Nutrition (Nutri)
MPH in Occupational and Environmental Health (OEH)
MPH in Nutrition (Nutri)
MPH in Public Health Administration (PHA)
MPH in Reproductive and Child Health (RCH)

Number of seats

Numbers of seats for different courses are shown in the table below. These numbers include seats for both government and private candidates; all being selected on merit basis of the admission test results. Nominees from international funding agencies and armed forces are beyond these seats.
Government candidates get provision for 50% of seats and non-government candidates 50%.

Course Total seats Course Total seats
1. M. Phil (PSM)
2. MPH (CM)
4. MPH (HM)
5. MPH (HP & HE)
6. MPH (Nutri)
7. MPH (OEH)
8. MPH (PHA)
9. MPH (RCH)


Candidates have to appear in admission test for eligibility. Nominee of international funding agencies and WHO fellows and armed forces come through their respective selection authority and embassy.
Admission test takes place at last Friday of every March and application are invited in January. Academic session is started from July.

Admission requirements

a) Academic: MBBS or its equivalent plus one year in-service training is the basic requirement for all the courses. However, three courses namely M. Phil (PSM), MPH (HM) and MPH (HP & HE) allow Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) and Master degrees. In addition MPH (HP & HE) also allows B. Sc. Nursing.
b) Service experience: Service experience of working in government and non-government health facilities of varying length is required for admission in different courses.

Duration of courses:

MPH courses are of one-year duration.
M. Phil course is of two years duration.

Tuition fees:

1. Tuition fees for Government candidates shall be deemed to have paid by the government;
2. Tuition fees for the courses shall be Tk.10,000/- (Taka ten thousands only) for all MPH courses. For M. Phil (PSM) shall be Tk.15,000/- (Taka fifteen thousands only) for Bangladeshi private candidates;
3. Students from countries other than Bangladesh shall pay tuition fee in foreign exchange, at a US$ 2000/- (USD two thousands only).
4. Tuition fees once deposited shall not be refundable;
5. Each candidate shall be required to deposit caution money of Tk.2,000/- (Taka two thousands only) which is refundable;
6. A medical graduate from a university other than the University of Dhaka shall be required to pay a registration fee as per the rules of the University of Dhaka.
v Tuition fees may be altered time to time according to government’s rules and regulations for both National and Foreign candidates.

Short courses

Short Courses Conducted by NIPSOM are-

1. Research Methodology
2. Data handling and Analysis using SPSS
3. Epidemiology
4. Biostatistics
5. Diagnosis and management of arsenicosis at community level
6. Diagnosis and management of Kala-Azar at community level
7. Diagnosis and management of dengue at community level
8. Teaching methodology
9. Occupational Safety and Health
10. Hospital preparedness for emergencies (HOPE)
11. Reproductive and Child Health
12. Gender Violence


NIPSOM library has a collection of about 10,000 books. The library is rich with journals/magazines/ periodicals from both home and abroad. The library is equipped with Internet browsing facilities for the students and teacher.

Computer Facilities: The Institute has a computer laboratory. The faculty and the students can utilize the laboratory facilities for data processing.

Field Practice: For real life experience in the field, NIPSOM has a field practice area at Dhamrai - a rural thana located around 40 Km. from Dhaka with residential facilities. Students of all the courses are required to work in this field site for a duration specified for each course. Besides these, arrangements have been made with a number of organizations, institutions, hospitals, mills and factories for using their facilities for field demonstration and practice.

Hostel:NIPSOM has it’s own six storied modern hostel within the campus accommodating 100 students. The hostel has it’s well equipped kitchen, dining hall, common room having media facilities and prayer room. Some rooms of the hostel are kept reserved for the foreigner students.

The academic activities of NIPSOM are supported by well-equipped modern laboratory facilities. There is one laboratory for Microbiology and Mycology, one for Parasitology, one for Entomology and one laboratory for Occupational and Environmental Health. The laboratory for Occupational and Environmental Health includes a unit for the detection of arsenic in different samples leading to the diagnosis and treatment of arsenicosis and supports the researchers in their research activity.